Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Heart Punch Cards!!!

Did pretty well with all of my jobs today. Packed loads of cards, made some more and packed those, tidied up a bit and then spent the rest of the evening making Christmas toppers out of my bits basket.
I'm at work tomorrow and Thursday and then off again until Tuesday.........I could get used to staying at home all of the time but unfortunately that don't pay the!!!
The cards I have posted tonight are just some I put together to use up a bit of glitter card I had left over from something else. I think they look quite smart even though they are very simple.

Would just like to say thanks to Patty Jo for all of the lovely comments she left on various cards on both of my blogs. That was so kind.
And to Sarah.......ooooh yes.......I have read Angels and Demons several times as I have all of Dan Brown's books and hubby is about to treat me to his new one......can't wait for that.
Can't believe that there are people out there who actually like Staffordshire Oatcakes......I thought it was just my!!! I only have to look at one and I feel sick but if I touch one..........oooooh I just can't bear to think about it.

Anyway I think I had best get off to bed if I have to go to work in the morning. After five days of pleasing myself it going to be tough having to get up.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Just the inspiration I needed as I have an order for a wedding card, the hearts are so effective. Best wishes Jan Epps

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  3. Just the inspiration I needed- I have an order for a wedding card and was in need of an idea, the hearts are so effective. Best wishes Jan Epps

  4. As you say Sheila, simple but very effective.

    Just wanted to say thankyou for the lovely stamps I had waiting for me when I got back from a couple of days at my Daughter's. It was a nice surprise 'cos I'd forgotten they were coming.

    Lesley Xx

  5. Well you might not have enjoyed the making of these little stunners but I am very glad you did them! I think they look stunning, simply elegant and it gives the likes of us mere mortals a chance of emulating in our own special way!!
    Keryn x

  6. Lovely cards Sheila, just popped by to say a very big thank you for the papers and stamps I received yesterday - both are lovely. xxx Carol


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