Tuesday, 22 September 2009

For Sale....One Husband!!!

Ooooooh he's dropped out of favour today I can tell you so all those ladies offering to take him off my hands after the Sunday can flippin' well have him.
I sent him out this morning for a pack of AAA batteries for my camera......just those....nothing else. He came back with........a newspaper, a tube of tomato puree (we just got a new one on Saturday), a packet of disgusting Staffordshire Oatcakes and no bloody batteries. So I have a stack of cards to take pics of and a dead camera. I'm off out looking for toadstools!!!

I got loads done today anyway. All of the prize packs that I have details for are packed and ready to go to work with me on Wednesday. I sorted out all of the made up cards that need inserts and packing........another yuck for that job. Sorted my glitter card into bags so I just have to pull out the colour I need.........looked like a fairy after that although you wouldn't want me sitting on top of your Christmas!!!
So I worked like a demon all day then came down and cooked the evening meal, sat down with DD to watch a DVD and started with a blummin migraine. Luckily it wasn't a bad one and once the visual disturbance had gone I managed to watch the film which was Angels and Demons. Despite what the critics said I thought it was fab apart from Ewan McGregor's Irish!!! Why don't they just get an Irish man to play the part. Still he wasn't bad on the eyes for a Monday night..........ha ha ha!!!

Well I am off for a mooch around BlogLand for half an hour and then to bed to get my strength up for a mammoth card packing session when I get up.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Love your post. From where I am sitting it is so funny your hubby has forgotten the batteries...I bet he takes a list next time.

  2. Dont forget our DH's have selective hearing...a bit like children :-)

  3. My OH is always accusing me of not telling him things - like asking him to bring something when he goes for his papers - when in actual fact he completely 'switches off' and doesn't hear me.

    Our son and DIL are staying with us at the moment and they have confirmed this as fact.

    Anyway, I'd still be better of with your's 'cos mine NEVER cooks, Lol!

    Lesley Xx

  4. I'll have him...anyone that brought me Staffordshire Oatcakes is a friend for life. (I used to live in SOT and loved can't get them unless I order online. booooooooo.

  5. If you liked the movie Angels and Demons, you really must read the book. Soooo much more information!

  6. My DH does the same thing. Exactly the same thing all the time! lol
    My son gets horrible headaches. He has all his life, then someone told him to eat a dill pickle (old fashioned remedy). He swears by that now. Keeps dill pickles with him now.
    Thank you so much for another awesome chance at candy.
    Pattyjo :+)

  7. Sheila, anyone who brings 'Stafforshire Oatcakes' home is a friend for life. I Love them, have even thought about Mail Order from a shop in Tunstall. We get nothing to compare round here.
    Pleased you managed to get some jobs done over the weekend.
    Christine xx


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