Sunday, 22 July 2007

Shellshocked Sheila!!!

Papers from my bit box with punched flowers, brads and ribbon.
More papers from the bit box with Cricut flowers, buttons and rub ons.

Oriental printed card from Habico, Stamp from Creative Expressions.
The image has been embellished with glitter.

  • Just a few of the cards I have been making today for the local shop. I wasn't at all tired last night so stayed up for most of the night and made a grand total of thirty nine cards plus a few embellishments to mount on to cards tomorrow.
  • I am quite's ages since I produced anything like that amount in a day and they are all new designs as I never go back to a previous design I've done.
  • I'm also surprised that I lived through the night to tell any sort of tale at all.......there I was sat minding me own business, working away when all of a sudden there was an almighty bang on the window just in front of where I work. We are talking around 3am when you don't really want anything banging on your window especially when you live out in the sticks and it's creepy enough at night......thank you very much.
  • Anyway I screamed and poor old hubby comes dashing down the stairs stark naked thinking I was being murdered. When I had calmed down enough to tell him what had happened he said 'you silly'll be a bat or something' and right then it happened again and we saw what it was........oh my was the biggest moth I have ever seen in my life. It's wing span must have been four inches and talk about meaty. It was flippin' horrible with big glittery eyes. I am so glad there was a window between me and it or I think I would have died on the spot.
  • I've never seen anything like it before so I think it must have been a foreign one that maybe got lost on it's way to the ugly bug!!!

  • Well I hope he won't be coming back tonight because I have to go and tidy up the mess I have made today. It looks like a whirlwind has been through my room and I really don't know how I get in such a mess..

  • Hope you all had a nice day today with the bit better weather. We just had a short shower around lunchtime and the rest of the day has been quite nice. It's gone pretty cold now though so I think the heater will have to go on cos me poor toes are cold.
  • I am having the same problem as Wendy McGlinchey in finding someone to pass the Rockin' Girl Blogger thing onto as it seems everyone already has them. I shall keep looking.
Bye for now


  1. These cards are great, oh my sounds like an ugly bug for sure.

  2. Fab cards Sheila - I just love the Wish one. Oooh I would have had nightmares - sounds scary!

  3. All fab cards Sheila, u sure were a busy bee, thats why the moth came to say hello to you, lol! sounds scary though!Thank you for your info about the wax. I will try wilkinson.Well done for doing all these fantastic cards.

  4. You poor thing, your story did make me chuckle! I think I'd have wet myself on the spot, I HATE moths.


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