Monday, 16 July 2007

Sheila Goes East!!!

Just a couple of cards made with bits and bobs from my 'technique drawer'.
The pale one is an Chinese Crysanthemum stamped and embossed onto a tag which was coloured in a session I was having one day. I was dabbing various ink pads onto a piece of plastic and spritzing it with water then dabbing and dragging tags, jigsaw pieces and bits of card through it. I kept spritzing with the water until there was hardly any colour left and was still getting some lovely results. The tags above are from the very end of a session and are quite pale.
All the bits and pieces were left to dry and then I used Moonglow Spritzes to add some metallic sheen.
The flower has been coloured with my bargain Pearl Paints from The Works and I then stamped the text over the top using Memories Soft Gold ink. I also stamped the second tag with the text.
The tags have been threaded with some thin pale pink cord which I grunged a bit with the Soft Gold ink pad.
For the background I stamped the trellis in Soft Gold ink and then added a soft pinky brown chalk to the edges. I didn't want this to be an all over pattern but the top and bottom corner looked a little bare so they have been filled with some lovely large peeloff corners in gold and then I finished the edges with gold lines.
The final touch was a coin which I attached with carpet tape.

The background for the darker card is made from painted kitchen roll. I think I first saw this technique on Trish Bee's website but I may be wrong. I know this piece has been in the drawer for quite some time.
I started by painting the kitchen roll with black acrylic paint which I then left to dry.
Once dry I used a sponge to dab metallic acrylic paint over the painted surface leaving some of the black showing through and left it to dry again.
I have stamped and embossed the Chrysanthemum in gold and then used a Moonlight White Brilliance ink pad to stamp all of the text.
I then matted the main image onto gold pearl card and embellished with matt gold brads.
All of the stamps are from the Habico clear sets except the trellis background which is Stamp'n'Stor by Sunday International.

As usual the scans are rubbish but it isn't the scanner it's the programme I edit the pictures with. Hopefully this will be remedied before long as I am just about at the end of my tether with this laptop and have ordered a new computer today with Windows XP so that I can have all my favourite programmes back. The new computer will be just for my work and for DD to play games on. The laptop will be for internet access only. It means having yet another shufty round in my room to make room for it to go but at least it can go anywhere and doesn't have to be near the phone line.

I am at work in the morning but I don't have any classes as they are both the boss's. I have two on Thursday so I don't have to get anything ready tonight. I think I will have an early night and read some more of a new book I have just started.
DD and I have been picking up some of the special offers in the supermarkets and some of the books we have been getting 3 for £4 are absolutely brilliant. They are not our usual reading choice but we both devour books at an alarming rate so we decided to try some. I read one a couple of weeks ago called Damsel in this Dress and I have never laughed so much in my was hilarious!!!

Right well I'm off then......catch you later.

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  1. Lovely cards Sheila - I've got a piece of painted kitchen roll on the side waiting to be used - and I also found it on Trish Bee's site. Inspiring, isn't she?
    I sem to be devouring books lately too, but am sent them by a lovely lady on Auntys!!


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