Saturday, 14 July 2007

DCM-A Visit To The Haberdashery Department

Apologies for neglecting the Blog for a few days. I've not been quite myself and haven't felt like doing much apart from lolloping about on the sofa and sleeping. Never mind.......feeling much better now.

Well over at Daring Cardmakers this week it's Gillians turn to set the challenge and here is what she has to say.......
G'day all, Gillian here, and it's my turn to dare you all this week
Your card can be any theme you like, just as long as it's got something you'd find in a Haberdashery Department on it
Alright then, grab that old sewing basket of yours or raid your sewing machine drawer, have a look at what creative bits are hidding away there....maybe it's buttons, a zip, hook & eye's, ribbons, braids, Dressmaking patterns, tape measures,Pins & Needles, lace, safety pins or embroidery thread....
so many wonderful little treasures just waiting to be added to your next card :O)
I'm going to add one more rule....
Yes you may stitch on your card, but that can't be your only haberdashery item....
The card above is my 'no sew, sewing themed card'. No sew because after the last disaster I was a bit wary about getting the sewing machine out. So this one is held together with carpet tape and a!!!
I have used part of an old sewing pattern and a Tim Holtz stamp to decorate the front of the card and then cut a 'V' shape from the front and inserted the zip. I have also used bits of lace and ribbon, buttons, a piece of an old diary page and a pin.
Thanks for that Gillian.........what a fab challenge.
I need to get my head together now and work on some samples for workshops and my gallery over at TandaStamps. I am so happy that Alex sent me a set of the new Vintage Ads stamps and I am looking forward to doing something with those.
Also just wanted to say welcome to Anna Moore who has just joined the TandaStamps Design Team. You will find a link to Anna's blog in my UK Blogs list.....please go and take a look at her is fabulous.
Well back to work for me then.
Hope you are all having a good weekend.


  1. Fab card Sheila, love the use of the zip!

  2. Fabulous Sheila! Love how you used the Zip!

  3. Ingenious card Sheila! You're always so wonderfully 'outside the box' when you do these challenges.

  4. This card is fantastic, love the ziipper

  5. Fab card! I have really enjoyed looking at you blog..your cards are great.

  6. I love it. I thought about using a zip on mine and couldn't figure out how to attach it without the sewing I threw that idea out and went with my easy one LOL

  7. I love this, the zip is fab!!!

  8. Oh brilliant Sheila - I'm glad you've used a zip - it looks fab.
    Another amazing card.

  9. Thi is fab Sheila, I was wondering if anyone would use a zip - all the ones I found were way too long for a card and cutting them down seemed a bit of a waste.

    Love the background to this, and there is just so much other stuff to look at too.

    Hope you're soon feeling fighting fit again

  10. very clever and very nice - I love how you have used the zip with the lace on the side.

  11. Gorgeous card. I broke my machine sewing a card. I think it was an incorrect needle although the shop assured me they fit all models. Mine is a 23yr old singer.
    Hope you are feling more your old self soon, I know how it feels. Wish I didn't have to work sometimes but at least when I do need time off I can't be accused of taking the mick!!

  12. Such a lovely card! Love the patterns, and the zipper is brilliant.

  13. HOw excellent to use the zip - hope you are feeling better

  14. I really love how you've used the zip, that is so clever!

  15. Sheila you're a genius - my girls would happily wear an item like this. Very feminine.

  16. ooooohhhhh...aaaaaaahhhhh Sheila this is GORGEOUS!!!! love the pattern, and LOOOOOVVVEEE the Zip! totally cool!!!

  17. Great card Sheila it's got a kinda sexy feel to it with all that lace and the zip, that style would make a great valentines card.


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