Thursday, 26 March 2015

It's All Coming Together!!!

No pictures yet but the new dining room is coming together nicely.
The new windows are in and I can't believe the difference in that room and the kitchen. So much brighter.
The ceiling has been patched and painted and a new light fitting added. All the woodwork is painted and I have papered and painted the walls. Tomorrow or Saturday hubby and I will be going to pick up some new curtain tracks and order the carpet......which I hope they can fit quickly as the new dining table and chairs will be here next Thursday. All that will be left to do then is to make the curtains and add some finishing touches. I will be sad to see the old table and chairs go as they bear marks of Ruby growing up......her first book of stickers is plastered all over one of the chairs along with a few pencil marks etc but after being tidied up they are going to my son and daughter in law as they have just moved and now have room for a table in their kitchen.
The next job on the list is to smarten up the kitchen. My curtains in there are nearly twenty years old and there is nothing wrong with them apart from being a little dated and the fact that I am sick of looking at pictures of vegetables. They will be exchanged for red gingham ones. I love gingham.
Well I was hoping to dry some washing outside today. There is definitely the wind for it but unfortunately it also thrashing it down with rain so into the tumble drier with that and then a snuggle up in the kitchen to do a bit of baking.
Tara for now
Sheila -x-

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