13 March 2015

Cooking Up A Storm!!!

On Monday I pulled a bag of chicken breast fillets out of the freezer which I had bought for £5 from Iceland. What a bargain. There were 10 fillets in the bag so four made a Mediterranean Chicken Casserole (courtesy of a Colmans Cook In The Bag pack) and the rest I poached in some chicken stock. Two were diced and mixed with mayo and mango chutney to make roll fillings for pack ups and the final four were made into a pie with leeks in white sauce which we had for tea last night. It was gorgeous.
I had found the leeks in the bottom of the veg drawer and the use before date was January 27th (blush) but they were absolutely fine. Two went into the leek sauce and two were added to a huge pot of vegetable soup. That yielded nine and a half portions one of which went to work with my daughter this morning with some homemade oven baked croutons, 8 went in the freezer and the half portion I am just about to have for my lunch. So a good week for frugal cooking.

I am just about to start a new decorating project. The extension on the back of the kitchen has long been a computer room/dumping ground. It was dark, dingy and very cold due to the draughts getting in through rotting wooden window frames but on Monday that all changed when Safe Style came and replaced all of the windows and the just can't believe the difference. Now I aim to turn it into a dining room so there is a little decorating to do before we get a new carpet down and I have 21 metres each of fabric and lining on it's way to be turned into curtains. I won't get much done this weekend as my little Doodle will be arriving after school today and staying until Sunday morning but luckily hubby is on 2-10 shift next week so I shall get plenty done. It's a pity I didn't take a pic of the room 'before' but never mind I will show a pic when it's all done.

Right.....I shall go and have my lunch and then get all this mornings ironing put away before I go and make Doodles bed up for tonight.
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