Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Update On Deb!!!

An update on Deb for all customers and friends who have been enquiring.
Deb had her operation on Monday at 1:30pm and everything went very well.
I spoke to her yesterday and she sounded great. She was hoping to be going home today but it will be tomorrow afternoon now.
I imagine it will be a few weeks before she is able to return to the shop to work but she may visit on odd days so I will post here when she is expected so that anyone who wants to see her can come and visit.

Debs' mum Janet is very kindly doing a day at the shop today so that I can have a day off and I don't know when I enjoyed a day more.
I was up early this morning and with hubby at work and DD in bed I have got so much done. Four loads of laundry and a fifth about to go in, dinner is simmering on the stove and the kitchen is's bliss.
It is so rare for me to have a day in the house and be able to get on with my jobs without working around bodies lounging about on the sofa or getting under my feet.
Despite moaning about housework and cooking etc I do really love it and I miss the days when I used to be at home and have all my chores done by lunchtime and would spend the afternoon either gardening or two other passions which are on the back burner at the moment.

Once hubby gets home and takes Smudgie out with him I shall be off upstairs to finish off some cards I started last night and I'll post those later.
Meanwhile I am enjoying a browse around the web in between laundry loads and stirring the dinner.
Bestest day I have had for!!!

Catch you later


  1. Playing with a different kind of Laundry Line today, then :-)

  2. I'm sorry Sheila but somehow I managed to miss this post. I'm so glad to hear Deb is doing well. Please pass on my best wishes to her.

    Good to hear you had a specially nice day too!

    Lesley Xx

  3. Pleased to hear that Deb's is doing well, please pass on my best wishes to her.
    So kind of Janet to cover the shop to allow you a day off.
    Hope to pop in sometime 1st week May as we are on holiday next week.
    Christine xx


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