Sunday, 26 April 2009

It's Very Tiring......!!!

...........being the!!!
I have been busy trying to get the projects put together for the May workshop programme but being at the shop mostly by myself means I am up and down stairs all day and things take longer than they would normally.
Next week DD is coming with me all week and she will be a big help as she will stay down in the shop and I can crack on in the workshop.

I've spoken to Deb a couple of times this week. She is in quite a lot of pain but trooper that she is.......she is very upbeat and more cheerful than I would probably be in the same situation.
I'll pop in and visit her one day next week on my way home from the shop.

I am off back up to my room now as I was daft enough to fall asleep after tea and now am wide awake.
Thanks for dropping by.

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