Thursday, 30 October 2008

Computer Problems!!!

Yay!!! Editing this to add that I have sorted it out now. Just did a restore and it's fine again.
Well even though I consider myself.......not too bad on the computer I am stumped as to what can be the matter with it tonight.
If I explain maybe someone would be kind enough to give me a hint as to what is wrong.
OK so I have been on Kay Miller Designs looking at the kits but nothing happens when I click on 'view larger image'.
Then I went on Pink Petticoat to buy a download and nothing happens when I click on 'buy me'.
Finally I came on to post a new card on the blog and nothing happens when I click on the 'add picture' icon.
It's got me well and truly flummoxed as it was fine this morning when I left it and it hasn't been on all day as I have been at work.
Can anyone help?
Thanks a lot.


  1. I always say if in doubt turn it off - check your connections are all connected and reboot and try again.

    Sorry not very technical


  2. Sounds as if your mouse for some reason stopped working properly. If you've now done a restore that would have put it right because it would have gone back to a known setting. Hope you don't get any more trouble with it.

  3. Sheila, as Rachel has said, if all else fails 'switch it off'
    Pleased to see it is working for you now. Love the latest cards, I am still thinking about the 'Bug' LOL!!

    Christine xx


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