Thursday, 6 March 2008

Two Challenges In One!!!

Due to a lack of time I have had to make this card to cover two challenges. First the 'dare' over at DARING CARDMAKERS for which we had to use hand sewing in our design. I wanted something a little chunkier than the normal sewing threads which is all I have at the moment so I split a length of parcel string and used that for the stem and flower detail. I couldn't find a needle that would take the string but not leave great big holes so I have used a pokey tool to push the thread in and out of the holes and then for the flower I have punched holes as part of the design.
The TANDA TEASER this week set by Wendy is to make a Get Well card so I have added a stamped sentiment.
Paper is Fleur De Terre by Around The Block. I am shocked that I have used this double sided sheet of utter scrumptiousness as I only bought it today. The card mat is one side of the paper and the scalloped layer of the flower is the other.
Sentiment stamp-unknown.

I have a day off tomorrow so I am going to have to clean this workroom. Without a word of a lie an elephant could lose itself in all the stuff I have lying about. It's just me being a very untidy crafter at the minute......worse than usual. Good job I don't want to use Jimminy Cricut as he is buried under the most humungous pile of of stuff.
DD has offered to cook tomorrow so this may be the last post I ever make on my!!! Bless her.........she's not that interested in cooking but she is really making an effort to learn just lately and tomorrow she will be attempting a homemade soup and homemade bread..........well a packet done in the breadmaker but something she hasn't tried yet. You may be forgiven for thinking that she is a little girl but no she is 28 years!!! She has never been very domesticated but since I went through a bad patch with my health she has been amazing. I love her to bits and just don't know what I did to deserve her.
Anyway I think I might start a bit of this tidying now before I do anything else.
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  1. A fab card - really love that scrummy paper. It would certainly cheer any one's day up me thinks!

  2. Gorgeous card and what stunning 'I am Woman' cards, too, Sheila!
    I have left you an award on my blog!
    Judy NZ


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