Sunday, 16 March 2008

A Job I Hate!!!

Here's what I have been up to today.
I've put the job of topping up on anniversary cards off for so long that I have made the job worse and ended up having to make more than I usually can stand to do in one sitting. So tonight I have come in from work and made a batch of these 50th and have started on 40th. I've never been a huge fan of dry embossing......mostly due to the length of time it took to do with a lightbox and stylus but the Cuttlebug makes it so easy......and makes a simple card look soooooo posh. This flower folder is my favourite at the moment but only until I get my hands on the spotty one. Unfortunately ours haven't arrived from the supplier yet as they are out of hoo!!!

Yesterday we had a guy at home with a JCB levelling off a piece of land at the back of our house to prepare it for a hard standing for parking. We have pure clay soil here so with the heavy rain we had yesterday........we now have a swimming pool at the bottom of the garden. Don't fancy a dip in it looks decidedly murky. DH and the dog have tramped clay mud all up the path and through the house so I will have to find some time to get the shampooer out and clean the kitchen and lounge if I'm not busy enough.........bloomin' men and!!!

Hugely disappointed that Dancing On Ice has come to an end and not happy with the result as I really wanted Chris to win........even though Suzanne was fantastic. What am I going to do now on Sunday evenings.........that is about all of the TV I watch in a week and I can't really settle to see a film through at the minute as I get fidgety after about 20 minutes. I haven't seen a good film for ages. I think the last one we watched was the second Elizabeth one which was a load of pants compared to the first one. I want to see Atonement and I Am Legend which we'll buy at the end of the month so until then it will have to be season three of Grey's Anatomy on the computer for the twentieth time.

Well I best get off and do some work.......I have to bag up these cards and finish off the 40th's before I go to bed.
Nighty night


  1. This is a lovely card Sheila. I love the embossed background.

    I am sad that Dancing on Ice has finished too!

  2. Lovely card! I always find it very hard to make 50s card and make them look glamourous! Sheila, I'd like to thank you for the stamps and magnetic block I received.I will make some more donations this saturday and will email you my number.I haven't have time to have a play with my stamps yet but guess what I am doing this long week end? hehe!


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