Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Bloggin' And Runnin'

Just a really quick blog post tonight. Hubby is not well and I am very worried about him as he is never ill apart from the odd cold or stomach upset. This seems a little more serious than either of those although he insists he is going to work today. If he is no better in the morning I am going to be doing some insisting of my own and will make him go and see if he can get into the docs as an emergency. He does have an appointment but the earliest I could get him in is the 28th March.....if it wasn't so damned unfunny I would laugh.

So not had much time for cardmaking tonight just a couple of quick cards one of which is up yonder. A black and white photo with the background trimmed out which has then been layered onto bright pink card and embellished with flowers and gems.
The other I won't be able to show for a couple of days as it has been sent out for someone's birthday and I don't know if they visit my blog or not.

Bye for now


  1. So sorry to hear about your husband. I really hope that your worries are for nothing and all is well again soon.

    You are both in my thoughts.

    Jules x

  2. Hey Sheila

    I hope that your OH is feeling better today and it is nothing too serious :(


  3. Love this card Sheila. I hope your hubby gets well soon.


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