Monday, 20 August 2007

I Blinked And Missed Monday!!!

Well it doesn't seem like five minutes since I got out of bed this morning and here we are at blogging time again.
So much for getting my painting finished. DD had just come in from a night shift and normally only sleeps until about 11am after her last night but today she slept until 2:30pm. As her bedroom is right next to the bathroom I couldn't be up there messing about while she was sleeping and then by the time she got up it was to late to start really as DH and DS were due in and would be wanting showers. I am at work tomorrow so now have it planned for Wednesday.....if I am not required at the shop and if anything stops me I am going to scream very loudly in frustration so get your ear plugs!!!

I have two classes tomorrow and no boss so DD is coming to the shop to do the serving and coffee making duties. Both classes will be using my Holly Doodles and Dot and Stripe Christmas stamp sets from Tandastamps. Both classes have already done some of the cards so I am using a card designed by my boss for one of them. I have made a mock up in my own choice of papers and embellishments and just wanted to show you how different they look.
The first card is Deb's and she has used gold card to make a trifold card. One flap is folded over the front and trimmed. The flap has then been covered with paper.
One set of holly leaves is stamped and embossed straight onto the card and the centres have been removed with a craft knife. The same stamp has then been used to stamp onto gold card and also heat resistant acetate. The leaves are cut out and then used to make the embellishment which is finished with a bow. I did my dry run copy in different papers just to show how the same design can look completely different. While typing I have just noticed I made a bit of a boo boo when I was scanning. The inside back flap of both cards is also covered with paper. Deb used the same as the front and mine has a green distressed paper which shows through the cut out holly leaves but noggin here when she is scanning uses a piece of card as a spacer and that is what is showing through the cut outs. There is no hope for!!!
DD kindly fetched me some small buttons when she got up and I have used those for the berries rather than glitter glue.
Just want to say a couple of thank you's. I am very touched and grateful to everyone who visits my blog and takes the time to leave a comment but I was really touched by the message 'pattyjo' left me on my post yesterday. After the last horrible couple of weeks it really made my day........thank you.
Also thanks to Hazel who has been and gorn and bought a set of Holly Doodle stamps. Hope you have loads of fun with them and I can't wait to see your cards.

I am just off for a bath now and a read of a new book which I have yet to decide on. I finished my other one while I was eating my tea. Good job we still have a pile of new ones to go at.
Bye for now then.


  1. You are such a busy girl. I hope you get a vacation or day off soon. The cards you made are just beautiful. I especially loved the green one, but I love the dots too. They are gorgeous and know they will be a big hit. Thank you for the nice things you said, I enjoy you blog and plan on being a big pest. (lol). Have a nice bath and enjoy a good night have sure earned it!
    Big rubber Hugs!

  2. I know what you mean about who stole a day-the last 2 months have been missing in action for me!
    I'm trying to get back into the crafting swing again, and as ever find your work a huge inspiration.
    Loving your Tanda stamps and what you've done with them-as fantastic as ever!

  3. I like both of these cards, but admit to preferring yours - call me biased!! LOL!

    Lookinmg forward to October in Totnes!


  4. Yo Sheeeelerrrr!

    LOvely cards as ever - smarty pants ;) Think I can feel a spend coming on....

  5. Both cards are lovely, I really couldn't decide between them. And when are you going to be in Totnes - I might try and get up to visit if you are demoing in the shop.
    Annie x

  6. Gorgeous cards! I love using the same layout or stamps and coming up with different ways to use the same things!


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