Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Yay!!!!!........Castaway Result

Coo it's a sign that I am back on top form today. Been whizzing about here, there and all over.
Finally went and got my hair trimmed and used the voucher that I was given for Christmas by Deb at the craft shop. Then into town for a few bits. Back home and as it's my day off hubby always expects one of my specials for tea so I made a fish pie today. Halo is now all nice and sparkly again. DD has me booked to watch a DVD tonight and I must admit that I am looking forward to seeing Marie Antoinette.
So not much time for cardmaking then today and you know how when you have a new product and you sit and read the instructions and follow them to the letter.......everything ends up looking pants doesn't it? Well in future I shall glance at the instructions, laugh hysterically and then chuck the damn things in the bin.
Having ignored now the instructions on the Castaway ink pad and going with my own instincts I have some good results at last on ordinary took me about ten minutes tops to do
The stamps used for this project are from the Tandastamps India set and very fab it is too.
So the pink card (which was just cheap matt cardstock) has been stamped with one of the small accent stamps using the Castaway pad and I didn't wait for five minutes as it said on the label..........I just ironed it as soon as I had finished stamping. Admittedly it did take a while for the effect to come through but once it did I was very happy with it even though it was a lot more subtle than I had expected.
I wanted the background to look like a piece of fabric so have embellished it with tiny peeloff dots and lines. The image was then stamped and embossed onto gold pearlised card and cut out. I had wanted to mount this onto a plain orange card but didn't have any so I took a cream pearlised card and coloured it first with Stazon Mustard and then dragged the Stazon Pumpkin over the top for a distressed look. This is probably better done with an ink pad that has had a bit of use rather than a new one.
Dead chuffed I got a result so will play with that a bit more now that I know what sort of card is best for it.
Next on my list will be the Memories Mists which I have just bought four of in some yummy colours. Will let you know how I get on with those.
Right well I have just been tagged for the very first time so I have to sort that out and pick who I will tag...........this may take some time so please try not to snore if you fall asleep while!!!
I have just one shot at this tonight so I hope it works
[url=]Carolyn[/url] has tagged me
1)Find the nearest book
That was up on a high shelf
2)Name the book and the author
Enquire Within Upon Everything by Herbert Jenkins one of those books you dip into and has information on just about every subject. Given to some poor soul as a Sunday Schhool prize in November 1928.........I bought it for stamping onto or altering in some way.
3)Go to page 123 and then the fifth line of text and type the following three lines onto your blog
the solid form, and if stirred as it
cools it separates in a state of fine
division. As this process is trouble
An article on Sal Ammoniac as a Freezing mixture........very very boring.
OK so I tag
Please, please let it work cos I don't have time to redo it if it doesn't.
Night night all


  1. Sheila I love this - especially the pink card - fabulous!

  2. Why doesn't anyone have all these cool products in the shops in my town... grrrr!!!... I'll have to go online and get some of this cool castaway stuff... thanks again Sheila.. loved tonights lesson.. :o)

  3. Carole (cazat81 CBC)27 January 2008 at 20:28

    Superb card Sheila. :-)
    I was directed here by other friends at CBC as I have recently purchased the castaway pad and like you followed the directions, but nothing happened, tried and tried and nothing, no image, it either slipped off the paper on heating it with dry iron or just disappeared like a secrect message :-( In the end had to admit defeat.
    Fearing I had not understood the instructions or had the wrong paper/card I asked for help at CBC and they directed me to you :-)
    After reading of your experience I will go away and not follow any of the directions on the castaway pad and like you just play around and see what happens. :-)
    Carole (cazat81 CBC)


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