Monday, 12 February 2007

Very Vintage

The stamping challenge over at Crafts by Carolyn this week is Vintage and I was very cheeky and added some cards to the gallery which I had done previously......Vintage being one of my most favourite styles of card.
All of the samples have been created using stamps by Rubbadubbadoo.
I will be doing a couple of new cards to add to Carolyn's gallery sometime this week .

Meanwhile the sorting and moving about in my workroom continues as I just can't get comfortable with position of my new desk as I am sitting with my back to the doors to the outside and to the kitchen.
Although I have almost doubled my storage space by adding the new cupboard I had forgotten that I had a couple of boxes stored in the kitchen which needed to be sorted and have the contents found space for.
The saying 'pint into a half pint pot' really does apply here.
This is all hopefully going to be temporary as once we can get a builder to come and give us a quote........we are on our third request now........I will be having two large windows removed and the spaces bricked up. One large window replaced by a smaller window and fitted units installed.
There will also be a custom made storage unit for stamps and dies.
I can't wait for everything to be behind cupboard doors so that I can at least 'pretend' I am tidy.

It's been a very dark and miserable day today. The snow is all gone now and everything in the garden is looking very bedraggled.
Roll on spring I say...........although I wouldn't say no to one last snowfall.........just on my back garden will do if nobody else wants!!!

Right well I am away to do a bit of stamping and maybe have another session on Jim now I am getting used to him.
He's a hungry little piglet and is steadily chomping his way through my stash of card and papers..........making room for some new when I can decide which I want.
The trouble is I want them all.......the new Basic Grey, Crate Paper, you name a company and they have something I like.

Happy Stamping
Bye for now


  1. Just found your blog - will be returning - love this vintage set, especially the blue with the ladies.

  2. Lovely cards, I must get into stamping, I have done lots of other techniques not big on stamping!!
    Thank you

  3. Sheila, these cards are gorgeous! I too love vintage! I am happy to see you are back posting again, and good luck with getting settled back in! urgh....I know what you mean by wanting something from every company, I must stop myself! LOL

  4. Ahhhhhh!!!!!! visual Delights!!!!
    Beautiful Sheila.. all of them...
    Oh yes I went paper shopping today.. it's very hard when your eyes are bigger than your purse!..


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