Sunday, 25 February 2007

Castaway Ink Pad */$%*!@

Feeling just a teensy weensy bit frustrated today as I have been playing with a Castaway ink pad and it just ain't doing what it's supposed to do.
Well I don't suppose I should blame the ink pad........I just don't seem to have any cardstock that it works on.
For those who don't know what a Castaway ink pad stamp an image, let it dry for five minutes then heat it with an iron and you should get a bleached effect where you have stamped.
I'll need to experiment a bit more and have a good dig around in the card cupboard.
You watch I will just find the right card and all the ink will be gone from my pad.
I do need to get something done with it as we have had them in stock at the shop and I will no doubt be asked questions when people spot them on the shelf.
I've also been up and down all day tackling the weekly wash and I swear the neighbours must have shoved their laundry bags through my door as four people could not possibly make that amont of washing in one week.
After sorting it I discovered that most of it belonged to my DS who has not yet grasped the concept of the seven day days equals seven tee shirts, seven pairs of socks etc.
There must have been thirty pairs of socks and I counted 25 tee shirts, several pairs of jeans plus all his work gear.
I feel a bit of a talking to coming on for that young man.
Shocked hubby a bit by also cooking a Chilli from scratch for our evening meal and serving it up at 5pm on the dot..........I think he nearly passed out.
DD is on night six of a seven night, night shift and I do like her to have her meal before she goes to work rather than take it with her.
I have rashly promised that next Saturday I will make our favourite Winter Pork Casserole for probably the last time this winter. It seems to have got quite warm this last couple of days so we won't be needing stews and casseroles for much longer.
Took a bit of time off tonight to watch a movie, the remake of one of my all time favourites The Wicker Man.
What a pile of rubbish and waste of time that was.
Even the gorgeous Nicholas Cage couldn't save it for me.
Caught the last of the Top 100 Sex Symbols and I shall be chaining myself to some railings somewhere and demanding a recount.........Johnny Depp is waaaaaay sexier than Angelina Jolie any day.
Anyway.....sorry for all the waffle and the fact that I don't have a card to share.
Hopefully I'll be able to do something with the Castaway pad tomorrow and if it's good enough I shall post it.
Night night all


  1. Castaway pad.....thats just what I did with mine...chucked it in the bin!

    I can remember reading some info about them somewhere will has a butchers for you.

  2. If you're having problems, I discovered that it works as well (if not better) on white card which has been colourwashed or brayered with dye ink to the background colour you want.

    Let this dry, then stamp and leave for at least five minutes, before you iron. I use a sheet of baking parchment to stop the iron from marking (but then my iron isn't always perfectly clean!) A heat gun will work, but the effect is not as intense. The end result is almost like a resist, but works on uncoated as well as glossy.

    Here you go!

  3. Hi-your blog is interesting, but it's kind of difficult to read because everything's centered. Can you please make it left-side justified?? Thanks....


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