Thursday, 8 April 2010


That's work done for me now for nearly a fortnight.......yay!!!
We're not off until Monday so I'll be doing housey stuff in the day and crafty stuff at night for the next couple of days and then packing on Sunday. It makes me laugh when I think that years ago I used to start packing a month before we went anywhere. Putting stuff into the case and taking it out again. Now it all gets stuffed into a bag the day!!!

Hubby has been busy in the garden today and planted our potatoes. He also sowed the salad leaves seeds we got free with the Lakeland gardening catalogue. He has green fingers when it comes to planting and sowing burrows for!!!
I'd better put my DG hat on tomorrow and cook him something nice for tea.

Think I might go and put my feet up and read for a bit now as I want to be up early in the morning.

Tara for now.


  1. What is it now Sheila? 7 sleeps to Graphicus, Lol! Sorry you're not there for the Birthday Bash. I'd love to have seen you again.

    Lesley Xx

  2. Glad you've finished work now for a lovely break and look at the fab weather youve got Sheila!

    Hope you have a fantastic break and a great time in Graphicus!


    Keryn x

  3. Hope you have a lovely break. Look forward to seeing your new stash when you're back ! Sue x

  4. Happy Holidays Sheila, you deserve a break after all that has happened. Hope the sun shines on and for you.
    See you soon
    Christine xx


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