Friday, 9 April 2010

Grunged Glitter!!!

It never ceases to amaze me how us stampers keep discovering new techniques be it by design or by accident. Yesterday I was cutting up and diecutting glitter card. I don't like it but have always kept it in just in case I needed it to use on special orders etc. Anyhoo since I lost the local shop it doesn't get used and if it isn't earning it's place on the shelf then it has to go.
So I got to the point where I was fed up of doing the cutting and I fetched my Moonglow Inks off the shelf to sort out as I hadn't used them for years. Some of them had dried up so I added some water and tested them out on a piece of card. The piece of card happened to be an offcut of glitter card............and the rest they say is history.
The embossed background on the card above then is what I am calling Grunged Glitter and here is how you do it..........
What you need-:
Pale coloured glitter card (the kind that sheds it's glitter)
Moonglow Ink-Burnished Brass
StazOn-Timber Brown
Metallic Rub Ons (the waxy ones)
An embossing folder
Sanding block
  • Start by stirring up your Moonglow Ink to distribute the mica powders into the walnut ink base.
  • Take a paintbrush and paint the ink all over your card ( I used an A4 sheet which will be cut up for several projects). It will bead and that is fine. Now dry it with a heatgun. Your piece of card will still look like glitter card but it will have tiny brass speckles on it.
  • Paint on another coat of ink. This time you will have bigger patches. Dry it with the heat gun. You will find that it takes longer to dry and that some of the glitter will melt and leave small bare patches on the card. That is all adds to the texture.
  • Add another coat of ink. For this layer you will get even bigger patches and the glitter will melt into the ink when you heat it making it look like crusty rust in places.
  • Next you need to cut a piece of card to the size you need for your project and emboss it in the embossing folder using your chosen diecutting system.
  • Now sand over the embossed pattern to remove some of the glitter and colour then dust off the residue.
  • Take the Timber brown ink pad and lightly brush over the raised pattern. You don't want to colour the background as well. The dark brown ink creates a nice base for the final stage which is to rub a gold coloured wax over the raised areas. Leave this to dry and then buff with a soft cloth...........and there you go........Grunged Glitter.
  • Let me know if you try it out. I would love to see what you do with it.
  • A little tip..........if you don't have the Moonglow Inks you could make up a base of walnut ink and add Perfect Pearls or Cosmic Shimmer powders.
  • For the rest of the card........I have used a door stamp from Crafty Individuals to create a Faux Batik effect onto some Kraft card colouring the image with Distress inks before ironing off the embossing.
  • The gold edgings match the embossed background and they are from a Cuttlebug A2 Cut and Emboss set.
Other than the creating today I have waded through a pile of laundry, cooked hubby some lime and garlic chicken to go with a salad for tea, been into town and hammered my store card buying new jeans, PJ's and some new tops for my holiday. I know I'm only going for four days but I don't want the good people of Cumbria thinking I'm a tramp..........although I will be 'tramping' along some part of Hadrian's Wall!!!
I've had a really fabulous day.........hope you all have too.
Oh.....while I think about it. After today I am no longer going to be posting on Manics Inky Antics. I have a bit of a job keeping up with both of them and deciding which one I need to post things on. So in future, all of my work will be here on Manicstamper and I will remove Manics Inky Antics.
Thanks for your visit.

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  1. This is amazing Sheila. Thanks very much for the 'how to'. I'm off to Ally Pally for the weekend so I must leave myself a prominent note to come back to this post when I get back and give it a go. I have glitter card in my stash that I never use too and this looks fantastic. I love how you've done the faux batik for the doors too.

    You'll probably be on your hols by the time I get back online so have a really lovely time and I hope the sun shines for you.

    Lesley Xx


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