Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Bind It All Ribbon Storage!!!

I have been asked to post a picture of the ribbon storage system I made with the Bind It here it is. The first pic shows a piece of plastic trimmed to approximately A5 size. I have punched 6 holes in the top centre and this is where it is bound with the wire. Down the sides I have punched two sets of holes using the guide on the side of the machine to line them up. The second picture shows the pages bound and filled with my gorgeous spotty ribbons. I have cut out two sections of the punched holes to make holders for the individual ribbons. It depends on the widths of your ribbons how many you remove. I have bound seven pages together. I'm sure that stiff card would work just as well but I thought the plastic would be more durable with the folders being pulled out and pushed into a basket several times a day.

I have been having another shuffling and condensing day today and I am starting to get very organised.......scary stuff this being!!!
I am such a hoarder but have been very good and burnt a whole bin bag of rubbish I sorted out. I burn it so that I can't change my mind and fetch it back!!!
There may even be enough room for me to have a cardmaking session tonight.

Right I am off to put the kettle on for hubby who will be home from work any minute gasping for a drink.
Bye for now

Oooh before I forget........Fab I am trying to source the stamp for you....bear with me.


  1. omg - that ribbon storage idea is so BRILLIANT!
    However did you come up with that idea? I must steal it and claim it as my own and become a millionaire !!!!

  2. Excellent ribbon storage idea. Finally, I can use my BIA! True justification for my purchasing one and leaving it in the box for 2 months. LOL!

  3. This is a really cool way of story your ribbons! Thanks for sharing !:)

  4. oh sheila-thats fantastic!!!
    off to make one today!!!
    Thanks for the instructions

  5. Sheila what a great invention you rae convincing me more and more that I need a Bind-it All

  6. Awesome! Love this idea; now I just need a bind it all, LOL. Thanks for sharing this. :O)


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