Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Strange Day!!!

It has been a very strange day today. I got to the shop this morning to find all of the workshop area dismantled and all of our equipment packed away. Gosh it looked soooo bare. There wasn't much I could do in the way of packing as we are open until Friday and I couldn't make cards as there was no accessible equipment so for the first time in the five years I have worked at the shop I can honestly say I was bored witless. What a strange feeling that was.
Still........when I got home I did have some orders I needed to get done so that sorted me out. Didn't get an awful lot of time after doing them to play but I have started on my card for the Gold dare at DCM........a bit late but I am still playing catch up on the ones I missed as and when I can. No card to post tonight then but I hope to finish it when I get in tomorrow.

We had news today that we can actually move in to the new shop a day earlier than expected so hopefully everything will be moved into there by Sunday night and Monday we will start to set things out. If things go well we could be open by the middle of the week........but that's only if things go!!!

I'm off for a snuggle now then. I have gone really cold.....ha.......I have just realised why......somebody has turned my heater off and I was so busy I didn't notice.......that accounts for my blue fingers and toes.

Bye for now

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