19 April 2013

Gnashing Of Teeth!!!

So.....for my birthday on April 15th I asked Mr Manic for a stash of ink cartridges for my printer. They arrived on April 16th and on April 16th my printer died. How bloody annoying is that?
I loved my little Epson Stylus S21 unfortunately it is no longer available:(( but Mr M came to the rescue and today I am awaiting the arrival of a new Epson printer and continuous ink system so we'll see how we get on with that.
ETA........I am cursed as far as printers are concerned. My new one arrived, got it set up and working with the sampler cartridges then opened the CISS and found two bottles of ink missing. I now have to wait until the postie brings them as the company I ordered from said they would send them out but not when.
I daren't print too much with these samplers so I am in a right old grump!!! 
Ah well....the car boot season has started again so I shall have to see if anyone is interested in the cartridges up there. I'm hoping to be up at Moira car boot a week on Sunday and then I shall do every other week throughout the summer.
Well I am off to have a ferret in the freezers and cupboards and make a shopping list for this afternoon.
Tara for now.

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