10 April 2013

Blue For A Boy!!!

At the moment I am in the midst of all my least favourite cards and trying to make stock to fill gaps at the shop.
Baby cards are my least favourite but I came across the cute idea of using buttons as wheels on the bottom of this Sizzix elephant on Pinterest. I hasten to add that my card is totally different to the one I saw.
Papers are Pink Petticoat.

Well the sleepover went very well.......apart from a two thirty am wake up with a demand for breakfast. She did settle back down though and then slept until seven am. She was a little angel.
Monday we took her out on DD's Grand National winnings and she was a little demon. I had to get DD to take her back to the car where her mood changed instantly and I got back to find her giggling and behaving beautifully. I wouldn't have minded but I was in Hobbycraft buying mostly crafting stuff for her having already bought her two beautiful books from the Bridgemere book department. Ooooh she can be a monkey sometimes.
Yesterday she was lovely again so I wonder what today will bring when we take her to the cinema for the first time.
I did score myself a couple of mega bargains though while at Hobbycraft......the 2012 Heirloom Ornament Spellbinders dies for ten pounds and a couple of twenty metre rolls of ribbon for a pound each. I was well chuffed. There were plenty more bargains to be had but I was rushing to get back to the car to rescue DD although it turned out she didn't need it.

Next week Ruby starts going to pre-school five days a week so I won't have her until lunchtime now on the days she comes to me. I can't believe she is old enough but she is soooo ready for it. I will miss my early morning cuddles though until the school holidays.

Well I had best go plonk meself in bed if I am going to stay awake at the cinema later today.
Tara for now.

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