11 January 2013

Lovin' It!!!

Well my wish came true and the temperature has dropped quite drastically here at Manic Towers. We are even being promised some snow at some point over the weekend/early next week...yay!!! Just enough to be able to build a snowman with Doodle Bird would do me.....anything to put her in a good mood. She's going through a bit of a cranky phase at the moment with quite a bit of squealing added which I am not liking very much. Hope it's not a long phase.
There's not been much in the way of cardmaking going on the last few days with having Ruby....just prep work in the evenings and today there were housey jobs needing to be done in the way of freezer sorting before I went shopping, laundry and lounge cleaning. Tomorrow I will be hitting the workroom all day.....and Sunday too if I can get away with!!!
I'm off to crank up the Cricut and get some more stuff ready to be made into cards tomorrow so I shall say goodnight.
Tara for now.

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