Sunday, 4 August 2013

Weak As A Kitten!!!

The heat and the decorating have finally knobbled me and I have had to spend the last couple of days pottering about trying to finish off the big card order. Two more to make today and then it's done and dusted and I can start on my Christmas cards. I need to get everything done by the beginning of November so that my customers and the shop have everything they need and I can get on with getting ready for New York.
I promise I will get some pics on here as soon as I have some cards done.
Mr Manic is going to help me put the bedroom back tomorrow as I am having trouble lifting anything. We have to go out first to The Range to pick up a couple of things....including some new mugs as the mister has banana fingers at the moment and is breaking a mug every other day. Clumsy old so and so. I hope they have some red and white spotty ones as he has broken mine.
Oh crikey......look at the time. I'd best go and get some shuteye.
Tara for now.

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