Tuesday, 4 December 2007

I Hate To Say This.............

.........but I HATE PAPER!!!
Well maybe that is a bit strong but after a day spent sorting and filling stands full of paper it is not my favourite thing at the!!!
I used some very bad unladylike language when a piece of paper sliced into an existing cut on my finger......oh gawd it did make my eyes water I can tell you.
Still the paper room is coming along now and there is only all the card stock to put out in there and it needs sweeping and mopping before Friday but I am not there again now until early Friday morning and we will be opening at 10am.
The shop is looking fabulous now that we have a lot of the stock out and Deb is taking a male friend with her tomorrow to help with all the heavier lifting and DIY jobs.
I am so shattered that I just can't face any cardmaking tonight so I am sorting through my files on my computer and moving all my archived cards to CD's......I have filled four so far.
Anyway I came across these projects which I thought might be a bit of a change from cards. They are some things I did when I was designing projects for Rubbadubbadoo and these are using some Celtic sets. This little Tag Book has been made using mountboard and a Sizzix die.
All the colouring is Fluid Chalk Ink and stamping is Stazon Jet Black.
The jigsaw pieces have been triple embossed and attached with PVA glue.
Lengths of fibres threaded with beads adds the finishing touch.
This Draughts board and game pieces was a labour of love and took me days to complete.
The board has been made so that it folded into a box which I made to go with it. The stamped squares were cut, stamped and attached individually.
The game pieces are stamped circles of funky foam which have been heated and stamped. They have then been coloured with Rub On Waxes in red and green and then edged in gold. Once cured they were glued onto circles of mountboard to add a little weight to them.
My daughter and I actually had a game with this.
Unfortunately I don't know where this is now as I sent it to somebody at the office.....(he knows who he is..wink, wink) and I have never seen it since. I reckon he thought it was rubbish and binned!!!

I have a few more things to show you tomorrow which may give you some ideas for Christmas gifts.
I'm off for a Radox bath now to soothe my aching legs and feet.
Bye for now


  1. Wow Sheila, two amazing projects! I was in shock about you saying you hate paper but now I can see why. Hope those cuts heal soon, they can be so nippy.

    Sleep well
    Rhi xx

  2. Gorgeous work ,love your projects ,Dawnx


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