Sunday, 14 October 2007

Santa Baby!!!

Today I am having to share a couple more cards from the Archives as I haven't had time to do any stamping at all today. I have spent all day making twenty eight sets of three layer templates ready for some classes and I feel like a carthorse has done a clog dance on my hands now......they ache like h*ll.

So todays cards were made last Christmas using stamps by Rubbadubbadoo and the blue card uses a technique called Opalite Infusion.
A selection of co-ordinating images are stamped onto white cardstock using black Stazon ink (images with some solid areas work better than outline stamps). These are then dried off with a heat gun to make sure that there are no damp spots.
You then need an Opalite ink pad in the colour of your choice along with a selection of dye inks in matching colours. I used Opalite Nordic Ice and a Big and Juicy ink pad called Waterfall.
Once your stamped images are dry cover the entire piece with the Opalite ink then starting with the palest of your dye ink colours pick up ink from the pad using a sponge or cotton wool and starting in the centre blend the dye ink into the Opalite. Next use a medium ink colour and move towards the edges of the card. Finish off with the darkest around the edges.
Dry off and then apply another coat of Opalite and dry again.
You can now mat and layer your finished piece as required.
The author of this technique is Kim Bennington-Thompson and I found it while browsing sites on the internet. It has become one of my most favourite techniques because I had only thought of using Opalite inks on dark card and this is such a cool way to use them on light card too.

The idea for the second card came from that time of year when you go up into the loft and start to bring down the decorations and wrapping paper and such from previous years and you find odd bits and bobs you saved but didn't know why. So this is some tags that have been put into an envelope and some stray bits of packing tissue got caught in there too. I have used assorted papers to represent the odd bits of wrapping paper you save wonder some of my cards take so long to make......I sometimes think that I think waaaaayyyyy too!!!

Well now the templates are all made I need to make up the packs to go with them. I find the easiest way to cope with all the bits needed for each project is to pack an envelope with everything in it for each card. During the class the finished card can be put back in the envelope along with any leftover pieces and it keeps everything nice and tidy.

I am now the very proud owner of a Grey's Anatomy t shirt which arrived from the USA yesterday. I have one that says 'seriously' in bright pink....... I love it!!! My next order is going to be for two one saying 'Dark and Twisty' and the other saying 'Bright and Shiny'. I'd love one saying 'The future Mrs McDreamy' but I think hubby might object to that!!!

Coffee break is over so I had best get back to work for a bit. I have a feeling I shall be seeing the sunrise today as earlier I fell asleep on the sofa while watching a film with hubby and DD. It was called Pathfinder and I didn't like it at all. Too much violence and not enough story for me so I shan't be watching that again in a hurry.

Bye for now


  1. Fab cards as usual. I love the way you used Opalite - must give that a try.

  2. I love your cards. They are always so original and so beautifully put together. I do have one question the little pocket on the second card do you have a template for that or did you just make the pocket up. I was trying to create something similar recently and failed miserably. I would be interested to see your reply

  3. WOW! I love the opalite infusion card!!! Well done Shiela. Sorry we can't make Totnes as it's not a Saturday. :(
    Love Ali xxx

  4. That blue background is stunning and I love the envelope full of jolly tags - what a creative lady you are!

    Thanks for sharing - wish you'd post a pic of you in that T-shirt ;)

  5. Love your cards - and thanks for the instructions too - will have a go at the inky one!

  6. Another 2 beautiful cards! Love the tags in the envelope though

  7. Cool technique with the Opalite Sheila - I'd better break mine open then!


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