Monday, 27 January 2020

Surely It Can't Be.......!!!

.....coming up to the end of January already!!!
Although it's a pretty boring month and usually drags it has flown by this year.
We've had one milestone birthday as DD turned forty and we have another one coming up in a couple of weeks when Ruby ticks over into double figures and turns ten. She is mighty excited about that....Ganma just feels
She's coming to stay this weekend and DD and I are taking her birthday shopping so that she can choose what she wants. She is into so many collectible things and has so many that we just don't know where to start anymore and I prefer her to have something she wants.

It's a pretty decent day out today although not fit for drying as there is hardly any breeze so looks like I will be using the tumble dryer again. At least that means I should get everything finished today and it will be out of the way so that Andy and I can go out tomorrow.
The forecast is cloudy with some sun and just a small chance of rain so we are off to Carsington again to try and do a longer walk than we did last week. No lunch out this time just a cuppa at the cafe when we are done.

In between laundry loads today I will be finishing off my cross stitch project (hopefully). The row of houses and trees and the top border are finished and I am just working on the snowflakes and confetti stitching before I  add backstitch to the lettering. The pattern didn't have backstitch on it but my personal preference is for solid looking text so that is another change I have made.
There needs to be some chalk painting and distressing done before it's a completely finished piece and I am thinking I may leave that until I have two or three pieces to do so that I don't have to get the paints out after every piece.

Time for coffee 😀

Hope you have a lovely day.

Friday, 24 January 2020

Filthy Friday!!!

It's horrible outside today....dull, grey, cold and drizzly. I had thought I might go into town this morning but I didn't fancy it much and what we need can wait until tomorrow.
Andy and I are watching his box set of Foyles War so now that the few bits of jobs have been done I might make a nice cup of tea and we'll sit and watch an episode until it's time to make the tea.

Ruby and Marlowe are both recovered from their ailments and back at school thank goodness.

I'm starting to get notifications for the Quilt Village at the racecourse but I am thinking I might give it a miss this year. I still have masses of fabric so don't really need any more. 
The NEC was also considered but I think I'll just take a break from it all and concentrate on my cross stitch for now.
Anybody got any plans to visit a craft show this year?

Have a lovely day.

Thursday, 23 January 2020

Poorly Girl!!!

We didn't get to see Ruby yesterday. On Tuesday she had been taken poorly at school so she stayed home yesterday to recover. The good news is that she is a lot better today and has gone to school so we will see her later for about an hour and a half before we have to take her to Brownies.
Marlowe is also poorly and has been off school all week the poor little sausage.

Not much going on here today just jobs and maybe some stitching if I have time before we fetch Miss Doodle.

I hope you are having a bit more exciting day.

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Cobwebs Blown Away!!!

We made it to Carsington Water yesterday and I am so glad we did. It was really lovely up there. The sky was blue, there was frost on the ground, the sun did actually shine and there was some warmth in it. Not enough to take my coat off but very nearly.
We had a good walk and a cup of tea and I bagged a couple of lovely bargains from the RSPB shop in their sale....a gorgeous notebook and a matching pen to use as a journal type thing for my cross stitch.
By the time we got back to the car the coat had to come off and then we took a leisurely ride back to our local for a carvery lunch which was absolutely delicious.
It felt so good to get rid of some of those cobwebs and we are going to try and make it a weekly thing....not always with lunch out but at least for a good walk.

Today I will be in the kitchen cooking ready for my Ruby. She had asked for tomato soup for today but she is coming to us tomorrow too which will a quick turnaround.....pick her up from school, give her tea and then deliver her to Brownies in the little town. I will save the soup for that and tonight she will have lamb meatballs in gravy.

A progress report on my first project of Twenty for 2020.....

I've not done too bad for saying I had those two days out last week and I didn't do any yesterday. I would have liked to have been finished with the houses and onto all of the snowflakes and confetti stitching but never's getting there.
I hope these progress reports won't bore you. They are really just for me to keep a check on how far I get each week.

Right....I am off to brown meatballs.
Thanks so much for visiting and the comments left on Monday's post.
Have a lovely day.

Monday, 20 January 2020


Another gloriously sunny and frosty day and I am wishing Andy and I had discussed earlier what we want to do this week.
He has suggested a ride up to Carsington Water to blow some cobwebs away which would have been perfect for today. It is planned for tomorrow and although it should be doesn't look like it's going be sunny.
Today I'll get all the laundry done and dusted and any other jobs that need doing and then we can go out and not worry about getting back. DD is off tomorrow so she can either come with us or stay home and have a bit of peace and quiet.
There is an offer of lunch out.....I am up for that as I am in a bit of a rut at the moment with meals. A day off from planning and cooking could be just what I need.

The cross stitch I am working on is coming along very well despite having had two non stitching days at the end of last week. Once the jobs are finished today I will be stitching in between washing and drying loads.

.....and that's about it for today. Andy has just nipped out for a walk around the fields at the back of us and once he gets back I'll make coffee and then get back to the jobs.

Have a wonderful day.