Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Getting Me Wriggle On!!!

Good morning all 😁

Goodness me....I have overslept this morning. I went to bed at some ridiculous hour....I think it was about 2am. Usually I can get up at my normal time but not this morning so I am going to have to get some serious wriggle going to get everything done that I want to get done.

First up is to wrap all the tiny presents to go in the Advent calendar. That needs to get done so that Ruby can take it home tonight ready for tomorrow and wouldn't you just know.....I have no red tissue paper. Andy to the rescue.....he is in town so I phoned him and he will pick me some up.

Next job will be to finish the wreath. I was a bit late starting it last night as I couldn't find enough of any ribbon for wrapping the polystyrene base and so had to resort to tearing strips of a blue and white spotty fabric.....which is actually perfect so that turned out well. It may not be completely finished today but I can live with that.

Another job I have on my list which may or may not get done is to paint some papier mache cone trees. I have three and want to paint them in cream, soft blue and green and then print white spots onto them. I'd love to get them done but they aren't urgent.

Luckily there is no major cooking to do today.....just a bowl of salad to prepare and some fish to cook. Andy and Ruby will have theirs at teatime as they like their fish hot but DD and I will have ours after we take Ruby home as we like ours cold.

Thank you for your comments yesterday. It's good to know that I am not alone in losing my crafting mojo. Let's hope we all get it back soon.
Jackie asked which garden centre we went was Byrkley Park at Rangemore Jackie.

The red tissue has arrived so I will go and get that job done. It would be nice if I could have some music to help me get a jig on but Andy doesn't like my music and I don't want to drive him

Back tomorrow.


Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Winter Wonderland!!!

Well it's not quite the snow I would love to see but we did wake up to a very heavy frost this morning. Very nipsy on the fingers, toes and noses but very pretty too. It has stayed all day.....the lawn is till white.

Andy and I went for a ride up to the garden centre to pick up part of DD's Christmas gift and we were very surprised by how quiet it was. We were there just before lunchtime and we expected there to be a few coaches of OAP's but there wasn't even one. I was quite disappointed as I do love to hear the old ladies marvelling over the modern Christmas decorations and light up things.
When I used to work there I had the most darling old lady come up to me and ask if I would look at a fibre optic tree with her and tell her if I thought it would look OK in the corner of her living room. I managed to keep a straight face and tell her that I wasn't sure what her living room was like but if she liked it then it would probably be fine. I'll never forget the joy on her face as she told her friend that she was going all mod and having a plug in was priceless.

The fire is lit now and we are starting to get cosy although my hands are freezing still. I bet DD's will be even colder so I will go and put the kettle on and make a cup of tea for when she gets in to warm her up.

After tea I am going to try and finish the snowman wreath so that I can give it to Ruby tomorrow. I have failed big time on getting the Advent calendars sewn up so Ruby will have the one I made last year and as Marlowe is too young to know what is going on I will just give her the money I was going to put in hers. My crafting mojo has well and truly disappeared this year which I am very sad about.

I hope you are all keeping warm and cosy today.
Thanks for stopping by.


Monday, 28 November 2016

Here Comes The Sun!!!

Hello on this glorious sunny, blue sky morning. It really is beautiful out there today.

After a lovely lazy Sunday there are a couple of things I need to catch up on but at least I don't need to cook for tea as I got that done yesterday. I just threw some chicken breasts in the slow cooker with some onion, smokey barbecue sauce, Worcestershire Sauce and some brown sugar, whacked it on for a few hours and hey presto....pulled chicken which will only need heating through and I'll serve it in rolls with some corn on the cob on the side. I managed to find some in Iceland. T***o don't stock the frozen one in the winter.....or at least ours doesn't.

My grey stripe didn't get magicked away yesterday. DD is exhausted and has a long week ahead of her this week before she has her two weeks of annual leave and she didn't feel like doing it last night. She says it will be done tonight.

Andy and I haven't been out for a wander this morning as he had to go to the doctors' so we might do that tomorrow. I have a full loyalty card for the gorgeous coffee shop we go to so that will mean one of our drinks will be free.

I also didn't get completely sorted in the attic but we have plenty of time to to get that done when DD is on holiday. We want to make sure that everything is wrapped and hidden before Miss Doodle comes for the weekend on the 9th December.

Today I have promised Andy that I will make him a bread and butter pudding with the Panetonne thing he bought home the other day so I will go and do that before we snuggle up to watch the Christmas film on Channel 5.

Hope you are having a wonderful day whatever you are doing.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

My Kind Of Sunday!!!

Slow and lazy....that's just how I like my Sunday to be.
Lunch is cooking and filling the kitchen with warmth and good smells.
Hubby is reading the Sunday papers.
DD has gone to fetch me a couple of large gift bags. One each for Ruby and Marlowe and by the time she gets back lunch will be ready to eat.

This afternoon I will use up the stale bread and make the Christmas stuffing to put in the freezer and if there is enough I'll make the bread sauce too which always tastes much better for being frozen.
DD will also sort my hair out as I have rather neglected myself while I have been looking after Andy and I have a very nasty grey stripe which needs covering up. I should really man up and stop dying it now but I just know my hair will be white rather than the gorgeous steel grey I would love it to be.
If there is any time left before we settle down for the evening I will go and make a start on gift wrapping to tidy things up in the attic. It's starting to look like a shop up

Time for the veg to on so I'll say....bye for now.
Hope your Sunday is fab too.

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Busy, Busy Bee!!!

Another busy day today.
Tidying and finishing laundry this morning and now I am about to go out to run a few errands and do the freezer shop.
When I get back I shall do a lazy tea of cheese, crackers and pickles after which I will more than likely collapse in a heap on the sofa in me jammies to watch a film.

I'm not over fond of shopping online but the postie has delivered a couple of parcels this morning so that's two less gifts to slog around the shops for...yay.
The end of next week I am hoping to have everything in and wrapped ready to go to Santa.

Managed to get another weekend sleepover in with Ruby and a big bonus is that DD will be on annual leave. We are looking for somewhere to take her that doesn't involve a visit to Santa. She really doesn't like fake Santa's. I might look if there are any panto's on that she would like.

Anyhoo I had best get off to town.
Bye for now.


Friday, 25 November 2016

I'm Late Today..........!!!

........but I am just about done with Christmas now after a four hour marathon with DD who finished work early today.
We have just shopped in the little town and everything bought was on my extra things just because it was Black Friday although some of the things on my list were discounted so that was a bonus.
I just need to go and do a freezer shop tomorrow as I have turned the outside freezer back on and again I shall buy just what is on my list and no more.

I am off to tackle some laundry while DD and her Dad watch a film and while I am waiting for washing and drying I shall browse through my Derbyshire Life. I love the December issue but this year the cover is quite disappointing 😒

Hope you have all had a fab day.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

It's Up!!!

First of all I would like to wish all of my readers in America a very Happy Thanksgiving Day-x-

Well the tree is up and looking absolutely gorgeous. A bonus week as it doesn't usually go up until December 1st.
I won't bore you with a photo as it is almost the same as we did it last year with a couple of new additions.
Decorating the rest of the room will probably get left until next weekend......just to avoid extra

The roast beef dinner was really lovely last night and there was enough beef, roasties, Yorkshire puds and gravy left to take down to DS and DDIL. They just did their own veg to go with it and there is still enough beef for sandwiches for Andy.
Today I will be clearing out the veg drawer and making a chunky soup. It's pretty nippy here today so that will go down well with some toasted garlic and cheese baguette.
Not much else on the agenda for today apart from some laundry and maybe a bit of ironing and a run over with the hoover so I might get chance to watch a Christmas film on Channel 5 with hubby this afternoon.

Last weekend I started reading A Christmas Mouse by Miss Read to Ruby. I used to read to mine when they were little. We didn't get to finish it so DDIL is going to see if we can squeeze in another sleepover for Ruby before Christmas so that we can finish that and do some Christmas baking. When she comes after school there really isn't much time for doing anything other than having tea and a bit of a cuddle so I have my fingers crossed that she can fit it in even if it is just one night instead of two.

Andy has just nipped out for papers so I will wait for coffee until he gets back and I'll get on with chopping some veg.

Hope you are all warm and cosy today.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Feeling Happier.......!!! that I have a bit more of the Christmas stuff done.
I just need to pick up a couple of tops for Ruby to go with the other clothes I got her and a small toy for Marlowe to go with the clothes I bought for her.
The Christmas ham is bought and in the freezer. A smaller one this year as I get sick to death of eating the leftovers for weeks on end.
This weekend I will get the stuffing and bread sauce made and frozen and pick up a turkey crown and that will be Christmas dinner sorted apart from the fresh veg.
Aaaaaah....I feel like I am getting somewhere now.

Andy has requested a roast dinner today so beef and all the trimmings it is. He has prepped all the veg for me so once I have the living room cleaned and ready for the tree decorating I will get everything cooked and plated up so we can eat quickly. Ruby is only here for a couple of hours and I want to give her time to see the tree finished. The lights are on and the topper is done so it's only a matter of putting on the other decs.
I think for the first time ever....I will be glad when Christmas is all over and done with this year.

Right.....Andy has taken the Smudge out for his walk so I will go and get on with some tidying and cleaning.....or should I do it after coffee when he gets back....decisions,

Thanks for dropping by today and for comments left yesterday.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Getting There With Christmas!!!

We are taking DD's car to have a new headlight bulb put in so I am going to take the opportunity to pick up a couple of Christmas gifts that I have reserved at Argos. That will be the London gifts done and dusted and they can go down with the Doodles next weekend when they visit.
I will also make a start on Marlowes' gifts and there are a couple of things I forgot to get foodwise yesterday so they can be picked up too.
Tonight DD will assemble and fluff the tree, put the lights on and do the tree topper then when Ruby comes tomorrow she can help to put the decorations on and that will be another job done.
My preparations feel rather messy and disjointed this year and I don't like it. I'm usually quite organised.
Hopefully it will all come together in the end.

How are your preparations going?

Monday, 21 November 2016

The North Wind Doth Blow!!!

Well actually I don't know where the wind is coming from but it's flippin' cold and has been thrashing it down with rain for hours.
Not the kind of day to be out and about but Andy and I braved it and went out this morning for a ride to the farm shop and into the little town.......his first big drive since his op.
Despite the foul weather we both enjoyed being out in the fresh air and managed to pick up what we needed for the week so we don't have to go out again if it carries on like this for the rest of the week.
I am waiting to see if it dies down a bit before I go and do battle with the coal bunker. I can't handle taking the big coal container down even with the parcel truck we have so I have to fetch up four smaller buckets to fill it. It's a right old job any time but in this wind I run the risk of being decapitated by the bunker lid.
We have just about enough in to last until DD gets home so she can hold the lid while I get the coal.

I missed snuggling up to my Doodle last night and the sound of her breathing. I'd love for her to have another sleepover before Christmas but they have two weekends away in London and various other things going on so I doubt we'll manage it.
We had a lovely lunch with DS and family yesterday and I got to play with Marlowe Gigglebritches. Unless she is hungry or tired she is the most good tempered baby. I don't think it will be long before she is crawling now. She's desperate to get moving judging by her antics yesterday.

I've not done a stroke of housework today but do you know....I couldn't care less. Today is a day for hunkering down and snuggling and that is what we have done since we got in.

Hope it's a bit drier and calmer where you are.


Sunday, 20 November 2016

The Best Laid Plans And All That!!!

We got back so late from town yesterday that we didn't have time to put the tree up.
Plans were made to do it this morning before we take Ruby home but DD has gone down with something nasty and is in no fit state to do anything.
Snuggling and watching Christmas films is done, hot chocolate with marshmallows and sprinkles has been drunk and Ruby has drawn me some beautiful Christmas pictures so there has been some festive stuff going on but not quite as much as I imagined.

Ruby did quite well out of the visit to town coming home with a new lace dress to replace the one she has outgrown, a pair of jeggings to replace a pair outgrown and three new tops. I did wonder why she was so eager to go and have a look round Pr****

Another hour and that will be our weekend over😢and I doubt there will be time to fit in another now before Christmas. It has been so lovely to have her here though.

Back to normal tomorrow once I have cleaned up and found places on the fridge for all the pictures which I can't bear to throw away.

Hope your weekend has been lovely too.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Long Day!!!

Well I surprised myself and got through an amazing amount of housework yesterday.
After getting the lounge sorted I went up to the attic intending just to tidy ready for Miss Doodle arriving for the weekend and ended up having a really good sort out. There were bags of stuff for the recycling bin, the burning bin and the charity shop. Christmas gifts were hidden in the blanket box away from little peepers and the wrapping station was finally sorted out.
It feels very strange up there as it's the tidiest and cleanest it's been for a good while.
Just need to pop the clean bedding on and we are done.
It was 8:30pm by the time I sat down last night and I ached like hell but was rather chuffed with meself.

When Ruby comes for the weekend there are no rules apart from she must clean her teeth and wash her face before bed no matter how tired she is but there will be late nights, popcorn on tap, a small amount of sweets and most likely one or two treats at the shops in town tomorrow.
Tonight we are all being treated to tea out courtesy of Aunty DD and we're off to Frankie & Benny's.
Tomorrow Ruby has requested Chinese and Sunday we are out for lunch so I get a weekend free of cooking apart from breakfasts and lunches. Can't turn my nose up at 
I am really ready to spend some quality time with me Doodle.....roll on 3:45pm.

Once this weekend is over I really must knuckle down and get the advent calendars sewn up. We have the little gifts for Ruby's and Marlowe will just get coins as she is too young for tiny toys. I will plan some simple meals to maximise the time I get at the sewing machine.

Feeding time for Andy shortly and as it is bitterly cold I think I'll do him the bacon and roasted tomatoes we didn't have last night.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.


Thursday, 17 November 2016

I Despair!!!

Just when I thought my short nursing career was coming to an end up it all starts again after Andy smashed his toe on the bed leg and ripped a chunk of his nail off.  I have had to sort that out for him before I start on anything else. A close eye will be kept on it as he is diabetic and foot injuries can turn nasty if not looked after properly.

Spiders beware....I am coming to get you today. I will be ferreting in every corner so there will be no hiding place.
The cobweb brush will be working overtime as I am ashamed to say decobwebbing has rather taken a back seat over the last few weeks. One corner of the lounge is so bad that I could spray the webs gold and leave them up for Christmas
Multitasking to the max today with laundry washing and drying while I am cleaning then once I am done downstairs I will be off up to the attic to get the bedroom ready for Ruby coming tomorrow.

Tea tonight will have to be something quick and easy so I will just open the fridge and see what falls out. DD bought home the last of the tomatoes from work that had ripened so I might just do some bacon with oven roasted tomatoes and some crusty bread.

No Sunday lunch to cook this week and no pub lunch as we have been invited to stay for lunch at DS's when we deliver Ruby home. Can't wait to try out their new sofa. It looks gorgeous so we shall see how comfy it is and whether I might want to become a permanent

Kettle on for a quick coffee and then on with the mucking out.

Have a lovely day.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Good News!!!

The first mad appointment day of the week went well with my blood pressure showing improvement due to the new medication and no adverse effects to my kidneys. Very pleased with that. Andy just had to see the doc with regards to some medication he needs to stop taking now that he has had his op and his appointment at the hospital was good. They are very pleased with his progress.

Back home by 1pm and a quick lunch before starting to tidy up and prep tea ready for my Doodle coming after school. Can't wait for a cuddle. She'll be here in just over an hour then the time she is here will whizz by. We'll take her home and that will be another day gone in the blink of an eye.

Tomorrow I should have been having Marlowe for the day and Ruby was coming here after school but there is no need now as DDIL's thing she was going to is cancelled so a change of plan to a furniture shifting day to hoover in all the corners before the tree goes up on Saturday. I will need to relocate Andy to the dining room out of my way and avoid him trying to help with the furniture and doing himself a mischief. Friday will then just be a pottering day and waiting for Ruby to come for her two night sleepover/ pre Christmas weekend.
Saturday I have an appointment at the opticians so DD will take Ruby round town in search of a particular Christmas film trilogy that she wants and then it will be home to put the tree up and then collapse on the sofa.
Honestly my life is madder now than it was when I was

Anyway I hope your day is busy or relaxing...however you want it to be.
Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Wild Night!!!

Another restless night tossing and turning and another nightmare. I really must mention this to the doctor when I see her in the morning as one of my meds has a side effect of nightmares.
Night inside matched the night outside where it was very windy and wild.
Today is cold, dark and damp so I am off to fetch the coal in shortly so we can light the fire. It's not my favourite job but Andy is still not allowed to lift.

Something hot and tasty for tea I think so what about tuna and sweetcorn bake? Yes I think that will do very nicely along with some steamed veg.

Some Christmas shopping has been achieved thanks to the Argos reservation service and DD to go and collect so I am almost done with gifts for Ruby apart from a couple of things I need from Derby when we can fit in a visit.
I haven't an idea in my head what to do for Andy this year. He has one hobby and has all of the equipment for that and I really don't want to resort to DVD's and clothes. My brain is in for a really good workout I can see.

I am really fancying a hot chocolate so I will wait for Andy to get back from his walk with Smudge and have one before I go and haul that coal in.

Hope you are all warm and snuggly.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Mrs Tea Towel Goes Down!!!

Oh yuck...I have spent today nursing a poorly tummy and a nasty headache.
The tummy was entirely my own fault for eating sage and onion stuffing yesterday. I know it doesn't agree with me but what is roast chicken without some sage and onion.
Sometimes I can eat it and be fine and other times it knobbles me completely.
The head was the result of a bad night of tossing and turning and a nightmare.

I'll be back tomorrow hopefully feeling a lot better.

Hope you are all OK.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Sunday Sunshine!!!

Honestly....our weather does make you swear.
Yesterday I could have done with a bit of sun and some dry so that I could take the girls to the park...... it rained.
Today we are stuck indoors as DD is at work so no transport with driving still being off limits for's bright and sunny.
Still....we had a fab few hours with DDIL and the girls.
Ruby is into dressing up with make up now so I had to patiently have my face made up several times and she can now do ponytails so I got my hair done too.
We played Operation which really makes me jump if you touch the metal and it buzzes. Ruby finds this hilarious.
After a lovely lunch Ruby decided she was going to be an office lady so I got down on the floor with Miss Marlowe who was exploring her sensory basket.
Lovely quality time with my girls.

Last night we snuggled up and watched the last in the trilogy of Hobbit films. I could watch those films every week.

A late lunch today of roast chicken, roast potatoes and brussels with peas and steamed carrots, stuffing and gravy. Mine and DD's favourite. Andy is not so keen....or so he says but his plate is always

We have a mad week of doctor and hospital appointments, opticians appointment, a whole day of childminding on Thursday and then Ruby arrives for the weekend on Friday. It's going to be busy.

Hope you are all having a nice weekend.

Saturday, 12 November 2016

In And Out!!!

Just a quick post this morning as I have overslept and am due to go out shortly to see me Doodle family.
I'm disappointed that it's raining as I was hoping to take the girls a walk down to the park at the end of their road to give DDIL a bit of a break as she has been housebound with Ruby who was sent home from school early on Thursday and Marlowe needing lots of attention.
We'll have a good long visit as DD is dropping us off before she goes to work and picking us up when she finishes and hopefully the furniture will be delivered before we leave so that I can distract the girls while DDIL sees to that.
As tea is already prepared we will just have to hot it up and then light the fire and relax for the evening.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Friday, 11 November 2016


A huge heartfelt thank you to everyone who left a lovely comment on my post yesterday sharing in our joy at Andy being clear of cancer. They were very much appreciated.

Today I will be spending some time in the kitchen. I won't be cooking anything for tea tonight as Andy really fancies Chinese so I will be getting ahead of myself and making a beef stew for tomorrow and a chocolate cake to take with us when we go to see DDIL, Ruby and Marlowe for lunch tomorrow. They will be stuck in the house waiting for a furniture delivery so I said we would go down in case DDIL needed to nip out to the shops or anything. After these last few weeks I know what it's like to need something from the shops and not be able to get out.

The sun is shining this morning but it's very damp with no breeze to speak of so laundry will have to go in the dryer. I have absolutely nowhere to put damp washing that comes in off the line so dryer it is.

The search for a piece of furniture for the landing came to a bit of a halt when Andy was in hospital and nothing could be done until he is able to drive again but that darling man of mine has come up with a solution. I have always wanted a dresser for the kitchen and while DD and I were in Market Drayton some weeks ago we visited a place called Surplus Supermarket and found they stocked exactly the kind of dressers I like. When Andy is driving again he is taking me to choose one and the cupboard/sideboard we bought for the kitchen will be just the perfect thing to go on the landing. I am so excited. The dresser will be my Christmas present.

Right....I am off to cook up a storm.
Have a lovely weekend everybody.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

All Clear!!!

Our sighs and tears of relief have nearly blown the windows out and flooded the house.
Andy has had the results of a post op test and he is clear of cancer.
What a wonderful day to be sure.
He will still have to have blood tests every three months for one year then twice a year for another year and then once a year for we are not sure how long. They will be done at the GP's.
He still has appointments at the Urology clinic for a while for help with the after effects of the surgery.
Derby rock!!!.......unlike the district nurse who was supposed to come and see Andy from when he came out of hospital. We haven't seen hide nor hair of her. Just one phone call after she had obviously had a rollocking from the hospital. She just asked Andy if he was alright and when he said yes she said 'oh I'll cross you off my books then'. I don't think he was ever on them to be honest as she should have come to check his catheter and she should have removed his staples. Not impressed at all but hey ho....that's all in the past now.
So onwards and upwards. Just a few more weeks until he can drive and we can start getting back to normal. We are both missing our little wanders and can't wait to get back to them.

Today is another quiet day.....well how exciting does it ever get when you are stuck in the house all
I will be making a requested cheese, onion and potato pie to have with some baked beans for tea.

Had a lovely couple of hours with my beautiful Doodle yesterday. She still has the horrible cough but she said she is sleeping better now. She's very excited about our Christmas weekend when she comes to help decorate the tree. We will also be doing some Christmas baking with some gorgeous cupcake cases and sprinkles I found in Home Bargains.....can't wait.

Right....I am off to set Andy on spud bashing while I chop onions and grate cheese.

Thanks for stopping by today.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Where Is My Snow?!!!

We were predicted to have some snow through the night but instead we got buckets and buckets of rain from around teatime until early morning.
I'm sorry but if you tell me we are going to get snow....then I want snow and not the liquefied version....thank you very

It's still cold though so a nice tummy warming filling has just been made for a chicken and leek pie. I thought it would be nice for Ruby to come home to as she has gone back to school today after a couple of days off with a nasty hacking cough that has been keeping her awake at night and thoroughly exhausting her.
Some frozen fruit which needed using up is going to be topped with crumble for pudding.

DS picked Andy up this morning to take him for a ride out to fetch his papers and he has just got back from walking Smudge so he really is getting about a lot now. His scars are healing and he is just about back to the Andy I know and love although he still has some issues that will take longer to get over.

I now have cofirmation that we will be seven for Christmas Day lunch so this weekend I can go and pick up the turkey crown. I also want a ham and a piece of beef but they can wait until I get my T***o vouchers. I should have quite a bit as I don't have my vouchers through the year. I chose to just have them at Christmas a few years ago and I use them to buy fresh meat to put in the freezer. I can get quite a lot if I shop carefully and go for the 3 for £10 and other offers.

It will be a bit of a lacksadaisical day today as for some reason I feel absolutely shattered after waking with a foul headache this morning. Just need to prep the veg and make the crumble topping for the fruit so I can be kind to myself today.

Thank you so much for dropping by.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The 'F' Word!!!

No....not that one.......frost is what I am talking
DD had to scrape the car windows this morning before she could go to work. Not a nice job when you have just got out of a nice warm bed so I am glad I gave her some leftover Spag Bol to heat up for her lunch today.
It was a good ground frost but not quite as good as this one.......

December 7th 2010
 ......and that is pure frost.....not a bit of snow in was beautiful and made our little estate look like a winter wonderland.

The outside freezer is finally empty and switched off ready to be cleaned out. Once it's all sparkiling and clean I can make a start on gathering my Christmas meat and other goodies although I need to find out if DS and family want to come to us before I decide on the size of the turkey crown I am buying.

Just a quiet day for Andy and I today. Nothing major to do. Tea is a fry/grill up to use up some hash browns and frozen mushrooms found in the bottom of the outside freezer.
I might see if we can find a film to watch for the afternoon.

Hope you are all keeping warm today.

Monday, 7 November 2016

A Day Of Firsts For Marlowe!!!

Lovely news this morning from the Doodle household.....Marlowe has popped her first tooth and she has sat on her own for the first time.
DDIL sent me a photo of her and even with her nasty cold she had the most beautiful smile on her little face.
I am hoping the popping of the tooth will bring a little bit more of a peaceful time and more sleep for Mummy and Daddy.

I managed to pick up a couple of small Christmas gifts for Ruby yesterday to go into my sad little carrier bag. I could do with a full day out to concentrate on just gift shopping to get it done and out of the way although I have to be honest.....there isn't much out there that is very inspiring. I wish we hadn't had to put our plans for New York on hold this year else I would be on the way there in three weeks time. I did all my shopping there three years ago and it was all so easy.

Today will just be a pottering day. Spag Bol for tea so I will put the sauce on to cook, tidy the dining room and do a couple of loads of laundry, fetch the coal in just in case Andy wants a fire later and that will be me done for the day job wise.

Andy is getting stronger every day and has been for a longer walk this morning. He doesn't know what to do with himself the rest of the time though and is getting fed up of sitting and watching tv or films. I did suggest getting a jigsaw and got one of those looks that should have shrivelled me to

Anyhoo....I am off for a coffee. No papers as we have to wait for DD to come home. That's the one thing I am missing with Andy not being able to drive at the moment.

It's sunny here so I hope it is where you are too.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Feeling Cosy!!!

It's a bright sunny morning but the wind is blowing a hooley. It's very cold so the sight of the leaves swirling around is best viewed from inside with a nice hot cuppa in hand....although we do have to go out in it later.

Andy so enjoyed his little trip out yesterday. He had a good walk as he got DD to drop him at the bottom of the High Street and went to meet her on A**a's car park when he had done......another first......being on his own for the first time in three weeks. It was quite funny seeing him coming in with his little shopping bag after so long.

After a lovely meal of Mediterranean chicken with butter and parsley new potatoes we snuggled down to watch The Hobbit. I love the Hobbit films. Two and a half hours of gazing at Thorin Oakenshield does a girl a power of

Usually by this time of year I have a good pile of Christmas gifts awaiting wrapping but what I have so far you could fit into a carrier bag and still have room. DD and I have to pop into town after lunch so I might see if I can pick up a few more bits so that I don't feel quite so disorganised.
The only area where I will be ahead of myself is the putting up of the Christmas tree. We have a new family tradition started last year that Ruby comes and stays for the weekend to help Aunty DD decorate the tree...usually the last weekend in November so that it is up for December 1st. Ruby and family will be away that weekend so it will be going up on November 19th. After tea we snuggle up with popcorn and watch Christmas films. Ruby loves it.

Anyhoo....enough about Christmas. I had better go and sort out some clothes for going out in.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

Saturday, 5 November 2016

A Big Day For The Patient!!!

Thank you all for your lovely comments. You are such a fabulous bunch of ladies.

Well today is a big day for Andy. DD has taken him for a ride into town and with instructions not to carry anything heavy he is going to have a little walk around the shops. It will be three weeks tomorrow since the last time he was in town. He was quite excited.
Another outing tomorrow as DD is taking us out for lunch at the pub. I will be glad of the break from cooking and washing up.
Andy won't be able to have a beer for a good while yet so he will have to make do with a soft drink but as long as he is out and about he won't mind that.

I have stayed at home because I want to give the kitchen cupboard doors and the tiles a good scrub and rearrange the stuff on the worktops. The microwave needs a wipe inside and out before I move it as well.
I'll get all this done today and then I can have a full day off tomorrow....yay!!!

A Happy 6th Wedding Anniversary to my darling Son and Daughter in Law.
I hope they have a wonderful time today in Nottingham and a good sleep tonight.
We popped in to see them last night and Marlowe was very fractious. Still full of the most horrible cold and DDIL looks exhausted. Normally I would offer to have the girls over night to give her a break but with having to look after Andy it would have been too much. Once he's completely back on his feet I will be able to do more.

We have some lovely sunshine today.....hope you do too.
Thanks for dropping by.

Friday, 4 November 2016

One Little Snowman!!!

I can't say that I am very enamoured of making all these ruddy pom poms but I made up one of the snowmen last night and he is very, very cute............

I have decided to do a bit of tweaking and make two larger snowmen and two of these smaller ones to represent Mummy, Daddy and the two girls and decorate the rest of the wreath with sparkly snowflakes and glitter. I just can't face making fifteen of this size to cover the whole wreath.

Up until now it has been a lovely sunny morning with a good wind but the dark clouds are starting to roll in. I just hope they don't start dropping any rain until Andy gets back from his walk.
He is managing to go out every day now with Smudge. He just goes around the land at the back of us so that he doesn't have to use the lead......he's not allowed to be walking a dog on a lead in case it pulls.
While he's out his lunch is cooking.....a small steak pie and some leftover cauliflower cheese from tea last night. That'll warm him up as it's pretty cold out there.

Fish and salad for tea tonight and then DD and I will be nipping out to see DS and DDIL and deliver wedding anniversary cards, hugs and kisses as they won't be here tomorrow on the actual day. London Grandma and Grandad are coming up to look after the girls while they have a night away. They certainly need it as Marlowe has started waking for two hours or so in the middle of the night so lots of broken sleep every night at the moment.

Right....I'll go and feed the patient and get on with another couple of jobs before I make the rest of these snowmen now I have decided what I am doing with them.

By for now and I hope you have a fab weekend.


Thursday, 3 November 2016

Another Day At Tea Towel Mansion!!!

Dull, dry (or it has just started raining) and very cold here today so the fire is already lit for Andy who doesn't usually feel the cold as much as I do but with him spending so much time sitting he's feeling it now.

Lots of jobs done already this morning.
Andy got a cooked breakfast, washed up, fetched in the coal, two loads of towels washed and dried and another load is washing now, a rice pudding is cooking away in the slow cooker, tea is prepped ready to cook just before DD gets home and all the worktops have been tidied.
Now I am going to read the papers and then carry on with my pom poms......I have to make loads as I want to make this.........

I saw it on Baking Hot Christmas on Facebook and fell in love with it for the girls.....isn't it just so cute?

Did a bit of shopping at T***o last night and I actually managed to get some yellow sticker veg. Only two bags of Charlotte potatoes which were 19p each (usually £1) and a swede for 25p (usually £1). DD got two miniature pumpkins for 13p each (usually 99p I think) which she will be harvesting seed from to try and grow some in her gardens. I also got a lovely £10 bouquet of flowers for £2.50. We haven't had flowers in the house since Andy has been unable to drive and I have missed them.

Oh look at the time.......I expect Andy will be wanting a bit of lunch now. Best go and feed him before I get the

Thanks for dropping by and hello to new number has gone up quite a bit.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

A Long Day For The Patient!!!

Poor Old Andy.....he left the house before 7am yesterday and got back in after 6pm.
His staples and catheter were out before 9am but the rest of of the day was spent having a scan and then having to wait several hours for a second one.
He was exhausted and very hungry so got DD to pick up fish and chips on the way home so he wouldn't have wait for something to be cooked.
He is coping brilliantly today without the catheter. I am so proud of him.

DDIL very kindly went to Derby to collect the things that were needed from the hospital storage place and then she and Marlowe visited with us for a while.
Despite being full of cold and teething to boot Marlowe was such a smiley girl and had us in fits of laughing. I think she will be a comedienne.

After spending the day in a lovely clean and tidy house yesterday we are back to the usual pig sty. Andy really is a messy, untidy devil. His socks are on the coffee table, his Crocs are anywhere I can trip over them and there are boxes and boxes of medication on every available shelf or surface. He's kindly cleaned out the fireplace but there is ash all over the hearth and on the rug so I will need to get the hoover out again. I will grit my teeth and just get on with it.

Ruby day today so cottage pie for tea with lots and lots of gravy so she will be happy.
After we drop her home I need to go and do a quick top up shop and then once we are home I want to crack on with the snowman wreath I am making.

Andy is just on his way back from a walk round in the fresh air so I will go and make him some lunch and a warm drink. It's a bit nippy today.

Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Swingin' Me Pants!!!

Knowing that Andy is safe at the hospital being scanned, prodded and poked I have had the most brilliant morning dancing and singing my way through the housework.
Although I love the 50's and 60's music that Andy likes he is not so keen on the music I like so I have pumped up the volume and cleaned the lounge to REM, Passenger and First Aid Kit. Washed the pots to a fantastic piece of Cajun music from the film Southern Comfort. Mopped the floor to Barns Courtney's Glitter and Gold and sorted laundry to Tilted by Christine and the Queens.
After two weeks stuck in the house I now feel like my tanks have been filled again and I can face the next four weeks of not being able to get out with renewed energy.
The power of music is awesome.

DD and I managed to pop out for an hour to go and visit DDIL on her birthday and I got to do Trick or Treat on Ruby who was thrilled. They had all been out Trick or Treating with friends and had a fabulous time so it was quite late in the day for us to be visiting but it was lovely to see them all. Marlowe was dressed as the cutest pumpkin you ever saw and Ruby was a gorgeous cat. DDIL was a very glamourous vampire and DS obviously doesn't do dressing
After the visit I needed to go to A**a to pick up some batteries and while we were there DD treated me to something I have always wanted.....a tartan duvet cover. I have never bought one as I like both green and red tartans and could never make up my mind which to buy. This one solves that problem as one side is red and the other green. It's brushed cotton too so guess who is going to be snuggling rather a lot this winter.

Now I have to go and mess up my nice clean kitchen and cook some mince for the cottage pie we are having for tea tomorrow. Tonight will depend on what time DD and Andy get back from the hospital as once he is able to leave he has to go to their storage facility to collect some medical supplies. I have stuff I can rustle up quickly so they won't starve.

Hope you are all having a fabulous day.