11 May 2011

Magic Day!!!

Took Ruby to her first playgroup session today. It was fab and she took her first solo steps. Only two before she realised what she had done and then sank down to the floor in shock. She is getting to be such a little character now and she is so clever with words and recognising pictures in her books. Yesterday though DD was going through her zoo animals pictures with her and she could say funt....elephant, gaff.........giraffe etc. They got to the penguin and DD said penguin........Ruby said........Keith. Well we were just in fits at that so today I just had to go out and find her a penguin soft toy. She loves her Keith and keeps on kissing funny.

It was a very full on day today so I was a tad shattered by the end of it and have just vegged out on the sofa tonight so no craftiness happening here. Hubby has bought me a new stamp though which I fully intend to put to use tomorrow. I had ordered it from a local craft shop and they phoned while I was out to say that it had arrived so Mr Manic collected and paid for it as a surprise.

Well I am ready to catch some zeds now.
Thanks for dropping by.

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